Alexander Gekiere

is a travel & lifestyle photographer based out of Belgium. After graduating from college, he decided to follow his passion in photo & film and became a visual artist known as ‘AG Shotz’. Today, Alexander can be found working as a freelance creative for a variety of international clients and brands while he travels the world and meets new people along the way. In 2018, he got noticed by Huawei Mobile & Sony Images, and became officially part of their Brand Ambassador Teams. If interested in working together, send him an email. Alexander is available for commercial work worldwide.

"Traveling and Mother Nature has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I was young, my siblings and I joined our parents on annual adventures towards the warm ocean sides or the cold and majestic mountain ranges in Europe. It wasn't before December 2007 that we did our first trip to another continent. Africa was the place that brought me much closer to the natural wonders of our planet. A place we are privileged to call 'Home'. It was back then when I first grabbed a camera and captured some of the most memorial experiences of my life. But it wasn't until 2015 that I realized how much photography would change my life and determine my future. Back in November that year, I started doing 'cityscape' (a form of urban photography) with a childhood friend called Jules Devoldere, who already was into photography and basically gave me that extra push towards it. I can still remember the sunset where I realized that my interest in photography turned into one of my greatest passions ever. As the years passed by, we both got into different styles and separate ways...

My photography merged itself with my love for travel, adventure, the outdoors, and surf. To this day forth, it still dominates my personal work. And one day, it will have the same impact on the commercial side of my activity.

I hope my work can inspire each and every one of you. Do the things that make you happy and let your passion guide you... (as cheesy as it sounds)"


Clients I worked with: 

- Huawei Mobile
- Krëfel
- Ici Paris XL
- Armada Ski
- Creative Belgium
- Flemish Government
- Insight Portugal Tours
- Airtime Paragliding Switzerland
- The Crest South Africa
- The Nomadik USA